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The Artisans of Sierra de Guerrero

These products from Sierra de Guerrero have been woven by hands that learned the craft of sustainable weaving on the knees of their mothers and grandmothers. The process can be traced back to when their first ancestors wove palm fronds into baskets, bowls and bags. Palm weaving techniques in the region date to before the pre-Hispanic period and have not changed substantially, thanks to the passing of the traditions from one generation to the next.

This design collective from the Sierra de Guerrero region of Mexico mobilizes artisans from over 80 families and provides them with the ability to reach outside markets. Thanks to this collective, the families are able to create a livelihood with their artistry, using sustainable materials to create items with outstanding style, function and durability. And it allows them to preserve the traditions of their ancestors.

Thank you for helping us make this dream come true and for being part of the progress of this community” – Araceli, Artisan Organizer.


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