Black Earthenware Pot

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These charming petite pots with lids are perfect to hold those tiny things around the house or on your desk.


Decorative, textured earthenware with a rustic burnt finish, these bowls are crafted in Uganda from locally-sourced clay.

In rural Northern Uganda you will find the village of Akiliba, home to our artisan partners who are determined to use pottery as a way to sustain their entire community. Their beautiful creations are hand-built using locally sourced clay and then stacked into a brush-covered mound for firing.

Because of their remote location and a lack of transportation, the group was unable to access the larger markets in the area, limiting the amount of pottery they could sell. Now, through Obakki's partnership, we've been able to help them travel to these markets, enabling the community to grow a sustainable local source of income.

  • MEASUREMENTS:  5.5" W x 5.5" high / 14 cm W x 14cm H (to top of lid) 
  • MATERIALS: 100% clay
  • ORIGIN: Uganda
  • Please note, each bowl is handmade using natural clay and fired in open flame; therefore, pigments and shapes may differ from piece to piece.
Product Care

Decorative use only‚ not oven or dishwasher safe. Hand wash and air dry.

Meet the Artisan


The Women of Kikorongo

In this part of Uganda, residents used to hunt elephants for food but now must find other ways to survive. So, the women of Kikorongo have returned to their ancestral crafts. Many of them are widows who are the sole support of the family.

Using banana and palm leaves, they make diminutive handwoven, coiled baskets with geometric designs, and using the rich soil of Uganda, they create small dark earthenware pots with lids. We admire the courage, strength, and ingenuity of these women. And the beauty of their crafts.

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