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Free Shipping & Easy Returns in North America (Learn More)

Reclaimed Horn Bangle (Set of 3)


Stylish, upcycled bracelets that are lightweight with a natural shine and luster. This collection of three separate bangles are perfect for layering-up your look.

Color: Mottled

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Cow horn is a byproduct of the food industry, and it usually ends up in the trash—but our artisan partners in Kenya are turning this raw material into beautiful jewelry.

Situated in the heart of Nairobi is the neighbourhood of Kibera, and despite crushing poverty, the area has a thriving community of artists, dancers, craftsmen, and thousands of other talented residents. It is here in Kibera where you’ll find Jack and his group of artisans. Under Jack’s creative direction, they create beautiful pieces from scraps found outside the tiny shack where they work. Jack is the visionary of this talented collective and they’re looking to improve their quality of life through access to opportunities.

  • MEASUREMENTS: Inner Diameter - S ~2.5", M ~3", L ~3.5"
  • MATERIALS: Set of 3 unique bangles, 100% Upcycled Cow Horn
  • COLOUR: Mottled
  • ORIGIN: Kenya
Product Notes

Each item is unique. Because these bracelets are made from natural materials, there will be slight variations in colour and patterning from piece to piece.



At Obakki, our artisan partners are part of our extensive global family. We’re in touch on a regular basis and their quality of life—and ability to sustain themselves and their communities—will always be our top priority as a company. Their happiness, health, and financial independence all matter to us.