12" Red Clay Pitcher

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This stylish pitcher is made from the rich red clay of Oaxaca.


For the masters of the Red Clay of Oaxaca, pottery is a way of life for the whole family, and it begins at a young age. A girl who becomes a potter is raised around clay and fire from the day she is born.

For 20 generations, Macrina's village has specialized in creating cookware and serving pieces from the unique red clay that is found in the area, and the process has remained unchanged for generations.

This decorative jug can be mix and matched with our other hand-made clay dinnerware and serving pieces to create your dream table setting.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 20 W x 20 D x 31 cm H / 8  x 8 x 12"
  • VOLUME: ≈5L
  • MATERIALS: 100% Oaxacan Clay
  • COLOUR: Burnt Red
  • ORIGIN: Mexico
  • NOTES: This red clay has been tested by consumer product services and has been proven to be lead and cadmium free.
Product Care

While these items are dishwasher safe on a gentle cycle, we recommend hand washing and allowing to air dry. Please ensure pieces are thoroughly dried before storing.

Meet the Artisan

Oaxaca, Mexico


Macrina spent her childhood with the red clay, learning from her Zapotec mother and grandmother, as they did before her. With no local market, at just 16, she got on a bus to Guadalajara to sell her family’s red clay pots. It’s not surprising to discover that today, she is a grown woman who still devotes her energy to creating – and promoting – these exquisite local pieces.

The red clay is for using, Macrina tells us, not for just admiring on the shelf. "Put them directly on the fire and give them some burn marks. Pieces hold memories and can't do that sitting on display. These pieces are made to work. Make them a part of your family."

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