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Woven Basket Mat | Star


This handwoven African basket mat is 100% sustainable with a delightful star design that would be ideal on a basket wall - or as a focus piece for your table. 

Color: Natural/Multicolour

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Our eco-friendly woven trays are handmade by a cooperative of women in the Kasese region of western Uganda using natural dyes and locally sourced palm and banana leaves. Not only stylish, these are the perfect trays to keep all of your odds and ends organized.

The women of Kasese weave baskets that feature intricate, geometric designs. The skills they use are ancient, and the community as a whole thrives because of a shared appreciation and reverence for nature and all of its many blessings.  

  • MEASUREMENTS: Large ~24" diameter / 60cm diameter
  • MATERIALS: 100% Palm and Banana Leaves
  • COLOUR: Natural/Burnt Purple/Mustard/Salmon
  • ORIGIN: Uganda
Product Notes

Each basket is unique and slight variations can occur due to their handmade nature. Spot clean using minimal water and an undyed cloth to prevent colours from bleeding.



Our Weaving Partners from Kasese

The village of Kasese is found north of Lake George in the mountainous region of Western Uganda. This area is home to a collective of women who weave these intricate baskets in the hopes of overcoming poverty in the region.

The weavers of Kasese, these resilient and talented women, create baskets that feature intricate, geometric designs in a style that is all their own. The skills they use are ancient, handed down from one generation to the next. Calling on their ancestors for their knowledge and skills, these women have been creating a new future for themselves and their families.

Located in an area with few opportunities for employment, these women are determined to provide for their community, and the profits from the sale of these baskets go towards school fees for their children and food for their families. This entire community flourishes because of their shared appreciation for nature and heritage – and all of the many blessings that come with that appreciation.