5.25" Brass Serving Spoon | Spade

$25.00 CAD

Hand-forged by Sylvester using upcycled brass to create a show-stopping item for your dining table.


Forged in the heart of Nairobi by our artisan partner, Sylvester, our debut collection of brass flatware has been made from 100% upcycled brass—discarded taps, padlocks and old coins that would have otherwise ended up in the junkyard.rd.

Sustainability is always our priority at Obakki, so we love the concept of taking something forgotten and turning it into something beautiful and new. 

  • MEASUREMENTS: 5.25"L / 13cm
  • MATERIALS: 100% Upcycled brass
  • ORIGIN: Kenya
Product Care

After use, immediately hand wash with mild detergent and lukewarm water and then dry completely with soft cloth. Avoid letting it stand or soak in water.
To avoid fingerprints, handle brass with a soft cloth, and polish using your preferred method.

Meet the Artisan

The Blacksmith from Nairobi


Sylvester grew up fascinated by the idea of working with metal, and at a young age decided to learn the trade as a way to carry his father’s legacy forward. Now, many years later as a father of five children himself, Sylvester’s work is truly anchored in tradition. Blacksmithing is more than just his livelihood, it’s his defining passion.

Working from a small shop in the heart of Nairobi, he speaks of his goal to one day open a center where he can teach underprivileged young people the art of blacksmithing "If I can teach other kids they will be empowered to use jewelry to create a life for themselves".

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