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Black Earthenware Pot


These charming petite pots with lids are perfect to hold those tiny things around the house or on your desk.

Color: Black

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When their husbands were killed in the illegal poaching trade in Uganda, some trampled by elephants, these women needed to support themselves and their families. So, they turned to their ancestral crafts and traditions. 

Using the rich earth of Uganda, they make these charming black lidded pots by hand. They shape the pots, fire them and finish them. Perfect to use simply as décor or to store small items. Every purchase supports these hard-working women in Uganda. 

  • MEASUREMENTS: 5.5" W x 5.5" H with lid / 14 cm x 14 cm 
  • MATERIALS: 100% clay
  • ORIGIN: Uganda
  • Please note, each bowl is handmade using natural clay and fired in open flame; therefore, pigments and shapes may differ from piece to piece.
Product Care

Decorative use only‚ not oven or dishwasher safe. Hand wash and air dry. Do not leave bowl soaking in water for more than 3 days otherwise clay may crack/break.



The Women of Kikorongo

In this part of Uganda, residents used to hunt elephants for food. Owing to dwindling herds and stronger conservation efforts, tribes that have traditionally hunted meat must follow the laws of animal conservation. And find other ways to survive.

The women of Kikorongo, a settlement right on the equator, have come together to come up with other ways to make a living – and they have returned to their ancestral crafts. Many of them are widows who are the sole support of the family.

Using banana and palm leaves, they make diminutive handwoven, sustainable coiled baskets with geometric designs, and using the rich soil of Uguanda, they create small dark earthenware pots with lids.

These are the women who also supply our shopping bags in the Obakki store, made sustainably, using elephant dung. We admire the courage, strength, and ingenuity of these women. And the beauty of their crafts.