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Chimpestle Stool


Made of sustainable tule fibre, the design of this unique seat dates back to Pre-Hispanic Mexico.

Color: Natural

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Perfect for contemporary settings and low table situations, these Chimpestle (Chim-PEST-lay) seats/stools are made from 100% natural tule fibre - a large rush that grows in the wetlands and marsh areas of central Mexico. Today, only a few artisans still create these seats and the technique was in danger of disappearing.

The Chimpestle seat is crafted by a grandmother and grandson team, Conchita and Dani.

Txt.ure, a cooperative based in Mexico City, strives to bring Mexican classics to the attention of contemporary design space, and for users around the world to appreciate the craftsmanship and history. These Chimpestle seats are a clear example of how they succeed with that goal.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 18" x 13.75" x 13.75"
  • MATERIALS:  Tule Fiber
  • ORIGIN: Mexico
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Product Care
Occasionally clean the broom with a damp cloth. Let dry naturally. 


Mexico City


txt.ure, a cooperative based in Mexico City, revives lost fragments and narratives of Mexican design history. And they do this with an emphasis on craftsmanship and preservation of historical techniques. Their goal is to bring these almost-forgotten Mexican classics to the attention of contemporary design space, and for users around the world to appreciate Mexican craftsmanship and history.

txt.ure is passionate about empowering local communities and craftsmen through contemporary design methods. These are our kind of people - preserving heritage and history while supporting indigenous crafts by opening up markets and training new apprentices.

With the help of Kickstarter, and 150 people in 15 countries, txt.ure has established a workshop dedicated to producing and preserving ancient Mexican crafts. Apprentices will learn techniques and skills from master artisans who will pass their ancestral knowledge to the next generation. Through their efforts, txt.ure ensures that ancestral knowledge and historical craftsmanship in Mexico lives on through modern design.