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Oaxacan Red Clay Planter | Male Face


These whimsical head planters are made of rich Oaxacan clay - mixed with a Mexican love story.

Color: Natural Clay

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When Jose Garcia Antonio went blind a number of years ago, his first thought was not his art - it was how to remember his wife's face. 

The rich red clay of Oaxaca held the answer for him. He would sculpt her face into these charming planter heads and candleholders. And now, with his worn, aging sculptor's hands, he remembers her face every day.

These whimsical pieces make the perfect gift and come with a story card telling their romantic tale.

These head planters are made from rich Oaxacan clay mixed with a Mexican love story.

  • MEASUREMENTS:  15 cm
  • MATERIALS: 100% Oaxacan Clay
  • ORIGIN: Mexico
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Oaxaca, Mexico

José García — Manos Que Ven

Don José Garcia Antonio is a sculptor from Mexico who went blind a number of years ago. And now, all his female sculptures are of his wife’s face.

José works with the rich, red clay of the Oaxacan soil. And his sculptor’s hands. There are no moulds here, no fancy machinery – just generations of tradition and history. His work is natural and simplistic, but the emotions it inspires are complex. 

He sculpts so he will always remember his wife’s face. It is the only face he knows. The only face he needs to know.

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