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Earthenware Wall Hanging | V

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These one-of-a-kind rustic wall hangings bring a touch of untamed nature into your space.

Color: Cream

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Amy Dov is a ceramic artist based in Los Angeles. Her love of materials and her raw sensibilities as an artist inform her nature-inspired work. Rocks, branches and sand all lend themselves as the inspiration for her sculptures, giving the collection a sense of timelessness, which is highlighted by the simple organic shapes.    

  • MEASUREMENTS: 24.5 x 13.5 in
  • MATERIALS: Clay and Linen Cord
  • ORIGIN: Los Angeles, USA


California, USA

Amy Dov

“Think about tranquillity. Stillness. Pausing in a moment of time. Something complete and resolved in its own way, like a memory that can’t be placed or a feeling that can’t be described. There is an inherent beauty, natural characteristic and directiveness in clay that has really given me the gift to let go of controlling something. I let the clay lead the way, one step ahead as I humbly guide it through its process.” – Amy Dov
Growing up amongst the redwoods of Northern California, at an early age Amy developed a deep appreciation for raw, natural materials which is still reflected in her work today. She had always been a painter, but it was after her children were grown when she sat down at a potter’s wheel, that she experienced her profound and instantaneous connection with clay.
Her organic shapes and smooth marriages of clay and linen twine are tantamount to nature – and at once both modern and primitive. They are tranquil, calming, and pensive. This piece was imagined and then shaped and fired with those thoughts in mind as the artist created this work in Encino, California.