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These charming whisk brooms, handmade in Mexico by Mayan artisans, are the perfect cocina (kitchen) decor item. They are exclusive to Obakki.


Taller Maya is a collective brand of Mexican design - formed by artisan social enterprises in the Yucatan Peninsula to work to keep Mayan culture alive. Through fair compensation and commercialization of artisanal craft pieces, they work to strengthen sustainable income for the artisans.

These charming handmade brooms are exclusive to Obakki - you won't find them anywhere else. They were created in collaboration with Taller Maya and their Mayan artisans in the Yucatan. 

Fibres from the Henequin plant are beautifully wrapped in traditional Mayan-coloured threads with a leather loop for hanging. The Henequen fibre is closely related to sisal and is most traditionally used to create hammocks, baskets and tablecloths. Mayan artists with practiced hands at using this ancestral material meticulously weave strand after strand into these delicate, decorative brooms. 

  • MEASUREMENTS: 23 L x 7.5 cm W / 9 x 3"
  • MATERIALS:  Henequin plant, leather
  • COLOUR: Natural with lilac, blue and tan thread
  • ORIGIN: Mexico

Meet the Artisan

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Taller Maya

Taller Maya is a collective brand of Mexican design - formed to keep Mayan culture alive and today,  42 artisans collaborate with Taller Maya in 32 communities in the Yucatan Peninsula.  These artisans are a key element in the conservation of invaluable Mayan ancestral knowledge. Native materials and ancestral techniques have been passed on to new generations who will keep these skills alive while updating them to integrate with the modern lifestyle. 

The wisdom of Mayan culture, linked with contemporary design has caught the attention of responsible consumers. And these consumers overwhelmingly appreciate handmade pieces with great background stories like those of the Taller Maya artisans.