White Naked Vase | M

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A fluid, organic shape, smooth texture and imperfect edges; these handmade vases are elegant and timeless.


Created from white clay sourced from Australia's scenic Central Coast, this vase will look perfect holding your favourite flowers, or styled as a chic piece of decor.

Our ceramic artist and sculptor is inspired by the imperfections inherent in nature and the materials within the realm of her local landscape. Born and raised in Brazil, today this artisan creates ceramic works from her simple studio in Australia's Byron Bay.

  • MEASUREMENTS: ~9.5" (h)
  • MATERIALS: 100% clay
  • COLOURS: White
  • ORIGIN: Australia
  • Please note, ech piece is handmade using natural clay, therefore, pigments and shapes may differ from piece to piece.
Product Care

DWipe with a damp cloth. Dishwasher safe.

Meet the Artisan


Bianca Pintan

Ceramic artist and sculptor Bianca Pintan draws inspiration from the imperfections in nature and from her local, rugged Australian landscape. Born and raised in Brazil, today she creates her renowned ceramic pieces from her small studio on the shores of Byron Bay, where she watches the waves crashing on Talon Beach.

And in that studio, located close to the Arakwal National Park, she envisions and then creates her ceramics organically using two different types of clay––mid fire and stoneware. It all happens for her naturally, from the forming of the raw, rich Australian clay to the shaping, carving, sanding, firing and glazing.  

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