We are not your average luxury brand with a magnificent online store. We’re much more. We care about people. We care about our artisan partners—in fact, it’s why we exist. To help them reach their potential. With many of our artisan partners, we reinvest all our net proceeds back into their communities so that they can grow their businesses. These are talented people who simply need access to an international market, and we are here to help them do that!

We care about our employees, too. Everyone should love their job. If you are driven by purpose and want to create change in our world, then this is the company for you! We are on a mission to connect our world and we have gathered a very passionate team of change-makers to drive this.

Do you thrive in a creative, innovative, and fast-paced environment with others who are passionate about their purpose? We need creative thinkers and innovators. People who will have ideas and who can make big things happen. A degree isn’t as important as your ability to BRING IT—paired with a desire to create change.

Artisan Blacksmith Brassmaker Kenya Sylvester


We’re looking for a Graphic Designer who is passionate about visual storytelling. Someone who is creative, motivated and enthusiastic and who is able to work on a variety of projects with multiple outputs, challenging you to be versatile, nimble, and up to date on the current design, cultural and technological trends. You’re experienced in delivering beautiful and thoughtful assets across a variety of channels and mediums including branding, web and digital.

Artisan Blacksmith Brassmaker Kenya Sylvester

Marketing Manager

Our Marketing Manager needs to be an insights-driven marketer and passionate storyteller. Someone who understands the importance of representing our artisan partners through our powerful visuals and content. This person is well-versed in strategizing, developing and producing digital content that helps build brand awareness and scales online business. They’re a results-driven creative that relies on data-driven analytics to formulate content strategy. 

Artisan Blacksmith Brassmaker Kenya Sylvester

Performance Marketing Specialist

As a performance marketing specialist you are passionate about using performance marketing to help build brand awareness and scale online businesses. You have extensive knowledge of cross channel digital platforms including performance channels, email marketing and shopify. Analytics is your forte, you love and live in the data and are able to extrapolate insights and trends to support data driven strategy and decision making. You are looking to use your skills to contribute to a purpose lead company that is dedicated to conscious consumption and slow design.


If you are interested in pursuing a career at Obakki, please send your resume and cover letter to: