Treana has worked in international development for over 30 years transforming lives in vulnerable areas through clean water, educational support, medical care and livelihood initiatives.

Treana has helped countless individuals and communities harness their strengths and overcome obstacles by giving them the opportunity to rebuild their lives. With 4,000 water wells drilled, she has helped impact over 4 million people around the world.


Treana believes that giving back can be a part of every person’s life. Her approach seeks to modernize the idea of philanthropy, making it relatable and allowing everyone to play a role in creating sustainable social impact.

4 million people impacted

Treana launched the Obakki Foundation as the company’s philanthropic arm in 2007 in order to transform lives in vulnerable areas around the globe through clean water, educational support, medical care, and livelihood initiatives.

Under her leadership, the Obakki Foundation has helped over 4 million people. And today more than ever, Treana’s mission to champion the importance of economic growth at the grassroots level is truly reflected through her daily collaboration with Obakki’s global family of artisan partners.



Treana believes that artisan craft is a natural way to help improve economic stability within the most vulnerable regions. Consistently forming lasting relationships with Obakki’s artisan partners, she fosters genuine connections around the globe to maximize the impact of our Obakki Foundation’s development programs.

From remote villages in Mexico to the world's largest refugee resettlement area in Uganda, she is committed to preserving, progressing, and celebrating the diverse craft cultures around the world—while also creating sustainable change.


Recognized as an influential speaker in the field of social entrepreneurship, Treana has spoken about clean water solutions in front of the U.S. Congress and the United Nations and has been featured as a TED Talk presenter speaking on the power of selfless giving. In addition, her hands-on work in the field has been recognized and endorsed by the UN, UNICEF and The Carter Center Foundation.


It all began with a white envelope of money.

An act of kindness that set Treana on a philanthropic path when she was only 8 years old, when an envelope of money was anonymously slipped under her family’s front door.

For Treana and her mother, that envelope was everything when they had nothing. It also motivated her mission to give back and was a catalyst that has impacted over 4 million lives.