Obakki is a purpose-led lifestyle brand that connects people through modern design. Everything we curate is handcrafted and produced in partnership with our network of world-class artisans—real people making products that bring meaning and connection to your home.

We believe in knowing the origin of the products we buy, as well as the impact of our consumption—not only on the environment, but also on the communities and individuals that create them.

Artisan Made

Handcrafted in partnership with world-class artisans—real people making products that bring meaning and connection to your home. 

Small Batch

While protecting traditional methods, each item is handcrafted in limited quantities to ensure its sustainability and uniqueness.

Transparent supply chain

We follow our supply chain from concept to completion to protect our environment and artisan partners.

Sustainable Partnerships

By travelling to each region and using only local materials, we establish sustainable relationships with our artisans.


At Obakki, we believe in putting people first. Our main mission is to support our artisan partnerships, and to fund development work through the Obakki Foundation.

We ensure that the artisans we work with have access to basic needs and the opportunity to grow, thrive and provide for their own communities. Over half of our artisan partners receive support from the foundation in the form of clean water, education, or livelihood initiatives. With over 30 years of proven results, and 4 million people impacted, it truly is the beating heart of Obakki.

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We believe in slow design. We’ve connected with artisan groups from around the globe to preserve and honour traditional artistry, by establishing long-term business relationships.

Through the Obakki Foundation, we provide extra support when needed - education, development, health and livelihood. Because being a supportive business partner is more than just a transaction, it's a direct connection to humans and a commitment to the communities they live in.


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