10" Woven Bird's Nest Basket | Natural

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A structured, modern basket with leather handles, handcrafted from locally-sourced wicker in Tequisquiapan, Mexico.


A stylish storage solution, or a striking piece of decor––these baskets do double duty and are the perfect place to hold blankets, magazines, or anything that needs tucking away.

Made by talented artisans from the town of Tequisquiapan, Mexico, known locally as the "Basketmaking Paradise", as weavers in this area have been using the same techniques for centuries. Most of the baskets from this region are made with wicker—a natural material that comes from a willow-like bush. The long, thin and flexible branches are shaped to create the final silhouette. These hard-working artisans rely entirely on basket weaving as the main source of income to support their families, and children are taught the skill at a young age in order to carry the tradition forward.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 33 W x 25 cm H / 13 x 10"
  • MATERIALS: Wicker and leather
  • COLOUR: Natural
  • ORIGIN: Mexico

Meet the Artisan

Querétaro, Mexico

The Basket Weavers of Tequisquiapan

These hand woven baskets are from from Tequisquiapan, Querétaro – a town is known throughout Mexico as the ‘Basketmaking Paradise’. For much of its history, the population was predominantly indigenous, so the artisanal production flows from their ancestral culture. Both the materials and their techniques for creating crafts are rooted in respect for deep nature. The elaboration techniques are teachings that are transmitted from generation to generation.

Most of these talented artisans are women who are able to earn income and preserve their culture while still caring for their children. The craftsmanship that has been woven into these baskets has been handed down for centuries, providing multi-generations of artisans with a path toward building a better life.