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Hand-thrown and fired in an underground pit, this black clay jug is a stunner.


We love the soft, organic shape and mysterious colour of this beautiful jug. San Bartolo Coyotepec is one of the most recognized pottery communities in Oaxaca, Mexico and is known for its use of this unique black clay. The grey-metallic finish of this piece is an indicator that it has been fired at an extremely high temperature, making it water-resistant and perfect for holding liquids.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 11.5 W x 13 cm H / 4.5 x 5"
  • VOLUME: ≈700ml
  • MATERIALS: 100% clay
  • COLOUR: Onyx
  • ORIGIN: Mexico
Product Care

While these items are dishwasher safe on a gentle cycle, we recommend hand washing and allowing to air dry.

Meet the Artisan


The Potters from Oaxaca

World-famous Barro Negro (black clay) of Oaxaca comes from one region and one region only: San Bartolo Coyotepec. The special properties of this clay cannot be found anywhere else. Each piece is shaped by hand (no potter’s wheels here) and baked in a fire of thick black smoke.

Invented in the 1950s, it is instantly recognizable and sought-after around the world. Our artisans in the region, headed by Amando, are taught the highly-guarded 2,500-year-old firing technique when they are young children. Amando, who was taught by his great-grandmother, has a strong technical background in high-temperature ceramics and has also studied under Japanese masters.

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