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Made from strands of Windmill palm, the delicate fibres of the Sasara Tawashi brush sweep away dirt and dust without the risk of scratching surfaces. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for cleaning pots, pans, and kitchen surfaces. And it’s gentle enough to clean non-stick surfaces.
In Japan, where cleanliness is a key virtue, such brushes have been part of everyday life since ancient times.


Takada craftsmen believe that household products in everyday life should be a source of pleasure for the user, as well as a friend to the environment. And for over 70 years, they have been handcrafting traditional and sustainable Japanese brushes, brooms and dustpans using carefully selected natural materials from the Wakayama Prefecture in Southwestern Japan.

These fabulous finds reflect the centuries-old expertise of Japanese craftsmen – who know how to turn natural materials into superior everyday tools.     

  • MEASUREMENTS: 11.5 L x 2.5 cm Diameter / 4.5 x 1"
  • MATERIALS:  Shuro bark (windmill palm), stainless steel
  • ORIGIN: Japan
Product Care

Rinse the brush thoroughly under running water. Drain the water and let the brush dry in the shade. 

Meet the Artisan



Japanese firm Takada has been creating household goods since 1948. Their speciality is Shuro Tawashi, the traditional Japanese brushes and brooms made from the bark of the windmill palm tree. After a period of overharvesting by large corporations, Takada has successfully reintroduced these trees, which grow naturally in the Kishu area (Wakayama prefecture) of Japan.

With all natural raw materials, Takada brushes, brooms and dustpans are handmade by talented craftsmen using techniques from times gone by. These craftsmen believe that household products should be a source of joy and of pleasure to the user while care is taken to protect – and nurture – the environment.