Waboku Incense Set

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An assortment of premium handmade Japanese incense in three extraordinary woody scents with distinct tones.


This attractively packaged set of premium incense has three extraordinary woody scents - from three different Japanese trees. The Hinoki (cypress) is a calm and soothing aroma, the Keyaki (delvoka) is a sweet and exotic scent, uplifting -- and the Kusonoki (camphor tree) is uplifting and powerful.  Japanese incense is revered around the world for its aromatic and wellness properties.

  • Set of 3: Hinoki, Keyaki, Kusunoki - 25 pieces in each box/ 75 total
  • MEASUREMENTS: 14 cm / 5.5" L
  • BURN TIME: 20-25 mins per incense stick.
  • MATERIALS:  Incense:  Kusunoki Campohor powder, Hinoki Japanese Cypress powder, Keyaki Zelkova powder / Package: paper
  • ORIGIN: Japan
Product Care

    Always use an incense holder. Never leave incense unattended.

Meet the Artisan



Kousaido has emerged as a premium incense maker in Kyoto Japan, a city famed for its rich history and peaceful temple gardens.  A wide base of scents are then expertly blended to produce the final, definitive aroma. Each has a distinctive purpose - to relax, to inspire, to uplift. 

Kousaido bases their scents on Japanese trees - so that you may experience the joy and peace of sitting in a Japanese forest. More than two-thirds of Japanese territory is forestland and the connection with the forest is strong. Today, incense is a staple in the modern home as a de-stressor and a tool to help us unwind.