Artisan Made

Handcrafted in partnership with world-class artisans—real people making products that bring meaning and connection to your home. 

Small Batch

While protecting traditional methods, each item is handcrafted in limited quantities to ensure its sustainability and uniqueness.

Transparent supply chain

We follow our supply chain from concept to completion to protect our environment and artisan partners.

Sustainable Partnerships

By travelling to each region and using only local materials, we establish sustainable relationships with our artisans.


Mountain grown. Single Origin. Artisanal & Ethical.

This organic coffee is grown by smallholder farmers in the highland villages of Mount Elgon in Uganda, a region where communities have been harvesting coffee for generations. 

This group of farmers are part of Uganda’s Slow Food Presidia – an organization dedicated to protecting unique regions and ecosystems, preserving artisanal coffee values, and protecting native animal and plant species. We love that. Almost as much as we love this coffee.


Roasted in country of origin

At Obakki we get personal with our coffee, by selecting the highest quality beans directly from the farmers.

This coffee is fully washed and handpicked from protected trees dating back to the 1940’s. It has great balance with chocolate overtones, citrus and floral notes, and is shade grown at an altitude of 4,100 – 5,600 feet.


Protecting the value chain

We are committed to improving the livelihoods of the communities

And that’s where our profits stay––with the artisans who are preserving the art of slow coffee. We keep the value chain in the country it originates from, giving our artisans a chance to benefit from every step of the process. 



global community

MEET our other artisan partners from around the world

We celebrate slow design and artisan craft from thousands of artisans around the world. From Mexico to Uganda to Japan, we are excited to introduce you to our artisan partners.