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Named after the Aztec goddess of life and death, this striking cabinet is more than six feet tall and handcrafted from solid white oak.


Coatlicue was a two-headed serpent, representing both life and death in Aztec culture. Designed by one of the strongest creative voices in Mexico today, this distinctive work in white oak is the latest addition to our custom items. These exquisite pieces of furniture are available on a limited, made-to-order basis.

Our design partner, Andrés, makes thought-provoking sideboards, consoles, cabinets, and tables – but his pieces are not mere furniture. When you add a piece from his collection, it will become the most intriguing focal point in the room. The scale of his work is both balanced and striking and you will have stories to tell as people are drawn to the emotion of the pieces. They are named after Aztec Gods and Goddesses – from the water god, Tlaloc, to the earth goddess Coatlicue, who symbolizes both creator and destroyer.

We are excited to bring you the opportunity to commission one of these spectacular home furnishings that will not only turn heads but inspire you with their presence.

Four 40 cm deep shelves inside. 

  • MEASUREMENTS: 90 cm (W) x 40 cm (D) x 185 cm (H), 80 kg
  • MATERIALS: Made of solid oakwood 
  • ORIGIN: handcrafted in México
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Product Care

Hand wash only. Dry immediately. 

Meet the Artisan


Andrés Gutiérrez

A little bit of avant-garde and a lot of technical prowess. That’s the best way to describe our new furniture designer/artisan from Mexico City. These distinctive furniture pieces in white oak are the latest addition to our custom items and are available on a limited, made-to-order basis.

His furniture is named after Mesoamerican gods and goddesses and their stories are part of the design. Through these stories, Andre’s work evokes emotion – but at the same time, it is tactile and highly memorable. One thing is certain. Once you have seen one of his pieces, you will never forget them.

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