Fluid Ring

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Color: Gold Plated
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A striking ring with an organic shape, this piece has a playful, surrealist look.


Situated in the heart of Nairobi is the neighbourhood of Kibera, and despite crushing poverty, the area has a thriving community of artists, dancers, craftsmen, and thousands of other talented residents. It is here in Kibera where you'll find Jack and his group of artisans. Under Jack's creative direction, these skilled, resourceful makers create beautiful pieces of jewelry. Jack is the visionary of this talented collective and together they've used their craft to establish a strong artisanal economy.

  • MATERIALS: 100% Upcycled brass, Silver Plating, 18K Gold Plating
  • ORIGIN: Kenya
Product Care

Brass is known for its bright lustre and golden gleam; however, over time brass can begin to appear dull and therefore needs to be properly cared for to maintain its look. To clean your brass jewelry, simply take a small amount of jewelry cleaner (tomato ketchup or toothpaste also work like magic!) and gently rub onto the surface with a soft cloth. Rinse with warm water and dry jewelry thoroughly.

Meet the Artisan

The Blacksmith from Nairobi


Sylvester grew up fascinated by the idea of working with metal, and at a young age decided to learn the trade as a way to carry his father’s legacy forward. Now, many years later as a father of five children himself, Sylvester’s work is truly anchored in tradition. Blacksmithing is more than just his livelihood, it’s his defining passion.

Working from a small shop in the heart of Nairobi, he speaks of his goal to one day open a center where he can teach underprivileged young people the art of blacksmithing "If I can teach other kids they will be empowered to use jewelry to create a life for themselves".

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