Artisan Made

Handcrafted in partnership with world-class artisans—real people making products that bring meaning and connection to your home. 

Small Batch

While protecting traditional methods, each item is handcrafted in limited quantities to ensure its sustainability and uniqueness.

Transparent supply chain

We follow our supply chain from concept to completion to protect our environment and artisan partners.

Sustainable Partnerships

By travelling to each region and using only local materials, we establish sustainable relationships with our artisans.


"Weaving offers my community a way to keep history and traditions alive."

From designing to dyeing and then weaving, Jose is committed to carrying on this ancient art. Now working with his family in their own workshop, his craft continues to teach him about becoming a great artisan, father and husband.Since he began weaving at nine years old, he has known that the pieces he creates are keeping the rich history of his community alive.


Natural Dyes

Watching Jose transform leaves, a pinch of ash or a drop of citrus into brilliant hues is nothing short of magic.  

Jose works on a handloom to weave wool rugs dyed with organic colours derived from the plants that flourish in the area, as well as cochineal, a tiny insect found on prickly pear cactus, which yields a deep red color. He uses marigolds to create a vibrant yellow, pecan shells for a rich brown hue, and indigo offers a distinctive shade of blue.



"I'm passionate about weaving, and it lets me support my wife and son. They are my biggest motivation to continue working.”

Located in the southern colonial highlands of Mexico, Oaxaca is a cultural mecca that is rich in customs and traditions. It is also home to our artisan José. José uses the pure hand-spun wool of local sheep and completely natural dyes to create these stunning rugs.



global community

MEET our other artisan partners from around the world

We celebrate slow design and artisan craft from thousands of artisans around the world. From Mexico to Uganda to Japan, we are excited to introduce you to our artisan partners.