Artisan Made

Handcrafted in partnership with world-class artisans—real people making products that bring meaning and connection to your home. 

Small Batch

While protecting traditional methods, each item is handcrafted in limited quantities to ensure its sustainability and uniqueness.

Transparent supply chain

We follow our supply chain from concept to completion to protect our environment and artisan partners.

Sustainable Partnerships

By travelling to each region and using only local materials, we establish sustainable relationships with our artisans.

for twenty generations

For the masters of the Red Clay of Oaxaca, pottery is a way of life for the whole family, and it begins at a young age.

A girl who becomes a potter is raised around clay and fire from the day she is born. For 20 generations, Macrina’s village has specialized in creating cookware and serving pieces from the unique red clay that is found in the area, and the process has remained unchanged for generations.


Putting her village on the map

With no local market, she went to the coast to sell her family’s red clay pots.

That brave young girl, just 16-years-old, forged a way forward for her community and put the red clay of Oaxaca on the global map. With no local market, she got on a bus to Guadalajara to sell her family’s red clay pots. It’s not surprising to discover that today, she is a grown woman who still devotes her energy to creating – and promoting – these exquisite local pieces.



"These pieces are made to work. Make them a part of your family."

The red clay is for using, Macrina tells us, not for just admiring on the shelf. “Put them directly on the fire and give them some burn marks. Make many meals for your family in them and don't worry about keeping them perfect. Pieces hold memories and can't do that sitting on display."



global community

MEET our other artisan partners from around the world.

We celebrate slow design and artisan craft from thousands of artisans around the world. From Mexico to Uganda to Japan, we are excited to introduce you to our artisan partners.