Rustic Pedestal Bowl

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Rustic black onyx Oaxacan clay with flecks of magic defines this handmade pedestal presentation bowl, perfect as a decorative catch-all for almost everything.


There is magic in the mud in Oaxaca, which created the incredible finish on these Barro Negro pieces. But there’s more than that. The artisans in this Collective care deeply about the art they create and the world they will leave behind. They care about their ancestors who spent centuries developing the processes, they care about preserving culture. We are committed to our partners in the field—the humble artists, the keepers of tradition, and the guardians of history.

Mexico’s pottery practices date back 3,000 years, and each piece of hand-turned sculpture is a piece of history as well as a piece of art. These authentic pieces can only be created in these places. Nowhere else in the world. These maestros are clay alchemists, and their creations are born of fire.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 12.5 - 14 Diameter x 5 cm Depth / 5 - 5.5 x 2"
  • MATERIALS: 100% clay
  • COLOUR: Onyx
  • ORIGIN: Mexico
Product Care

While these items are dishwasher safe on a gentle cycle, we recommend hand washing and allowing to air dry. Please ensure pieces are thoroughly dried before storing.

Meet the Artisan


Don Polo

Our Mexican pottery pieces are objects born of fire from a place where there is magic in the mud. We are fortunate to work with a group of diverse Mexican potters located in the state of Oaxaca where artisans from over 70 pottery communities have come to personify the extraordinary cultural and linguistic variety of the land. Together, they are a co-op, working to promote their work as a unified force – and working to create an outstanding collection to bring to the global market.

Each region has its own culture, represented through the local earth that they create their clay with. The black clay comes from the rich, fine soil of San Bartolo Coyotepec, the rustic pieces splattered with prickly pear juice come from Tonaltepec, and the deep red clay pieces hail from San Marcos Tlapazola.

Your piece has been shaped by hand, with the thought and care that comes from generations of understanding the local roots, culture, and traditions. Mexico’s pottery practices date back 3,000 years and each hand-turned object is a piece of history, as well as a piece of art.