Artisan Made

Handcrafted in partnership with world-class artisans—real people making products that bring meaning and connection to your home. 

Small Batch

While protecting traditional methods, each item is handcrafted in limited quantities to ensure its sustainability and uniqueness.

Transparent supply chain

We follow our supply chain from concept to completion to protect our environment and artisan partners.

Sustainable Partnerships

By travelling to each region and using only local materials, we establish sustainable relationships with our artisans.

commerce and community

Building a local economy through traditional craft

 This design collective from the Sierra de Guerrero region of Mexico mobilizes artisans from over 80 families and provides them with the ability to reach outside markets. These families are able to create a livelihood with their artistry, using sustainable materials. And preserving the traditions of their ancestors.


The Core of the community

“With creativity, hard work and a lot of love for Mexico, our commitment is to give you high quality artisan products."

Our partners care deeply about the art they create and the world they will leave behind. They care about their ancestors, who spent centuries developing the processes. They care about preserving their culture. And we’re proud to present their work with the utmost of care and respect for their heritage.


80 Families Impacted

"Thank you for helping us make this dream come true and for being part of the progress of this community.”

Earthenware pottery and household items woven from sustainably sourced local palm leaves anchor this rich collection, and each item is handmade using traditional methods.



global community

MEET our other artisan partners from around the world.

We celebrate slow design and artisan craft from thousands of artisans around the world. From Mexico to Uganda to Japan, we are excited to introduce you to our artisan partners.