18" Sisal Basket | Swirl

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Color: Sand / Natural Swirl
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These versatile, handmade baskets are a chic storage solution.


Our eco-friendly baskets are handmade by our artisan partners in Kenya using locally sourced sisal fiber. Whether you are using them as a storage catch-all or a woven plant pot, any way you style these baskets you'll be adding a global flair to your space.

The women of Kitui weave baskets with soul. Whether they are widows or single mothers, for the women in this co-op weaving is their only source of income, enabling them to feed their families and send their children to school. 

  • MEASUREMENTS: 45.5 Diameter x 40.5 Depth / 18 x 16"
  • MATERIALS: 100% Sisal
  • COLOUR: Slate, Sand
  • ORIGIN: Kenya
  • NOTICE: These baskets are handmade and sizes may vary slightly from piece to piece
Product Care

Each basket is unique and slight variations can occur due to their handmade nature. Spot clean using minimal water and an undyed cloth to prevent colours from bleeding.

Meet the Artisan


The Basket Weavers of Kitui

The women of Kitui weave baskets with soul. This women-led co-op of 180 artisans support their families by expertly weaving baskets using the fibers from the local sisal plant. Whether they are widows or single mothers, weaving is their main source of income, enabling them to send their children to school and to provide for themselves. 

Their strength and resilience are clearly apparent however in meeting with them, they voiced a feeling of seeming invisible. They have been weavers their entire lives, selling to international companies but have never been recognized personally for their craft...until now.

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