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This black clay amphora with its signature handles and smooth surface is handmade in classic Oaxacan style.


When it comes to Atzompa pottery, Rufina is a truly special artisan and her small-batch pieces – from candle holders and stunning clay pots to her unique incense holders – are highly prized.

Rufina's pieces reflect her love of clay and the extent to which it is part of her being. She digs the clay for these pieces with her own hands. She mixes it, shapes it, and fires it – all with the power of her ancestral bonds. Her heart and hands work in tandem to harness the magic in the Oaxacan clay. 

  • MEASUREMENTS: 33 W x 31 cm H / 13 x 12"
  • MATERIALS: 100% Oaxacan Clay
  • ORIGIN: Mexico
 Product Care

Decorative use only‚ may not hold liquid. While these items are dishwasher safe on a gentle cycle, we recommend hand washing and allowing to air dry.

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Meet the Artisan

Oaxaca, Mexico


Born in Santa Maria Atzompa, Rufina had a solid sense of purpose from birth. Said Rufina, "I knew what I was going to do even before I was born. Artisans are made in the womb." When it comes to Atzompa pottery, she is a truly special artisan and her small-batch pieces are highly prized.

Rufina selflessly works to save pottery centres (and their artisans) from the brink of obsolescence. Change doesn't just happen. It takes someone like Rufina to preserve an ancient tradition – one that would fade into the past without her.

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