Kiden Star

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Color: Blue-Green
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Hang this beautiful Kiden Star in your home as a symbol of hope.


We met Mary Kiden in her village at Bidi Bidi (the world's largest refugee resettlement area), where she lives alongside other women and children who've suffered horrendous trauma. Mary designed these beautifully intricate creations as a way to bring the women together and help them move past their pain.

100% of the net proceeds of each of these stars will help Mary and her team continue to expand their small textile business.

A Message From Mary:

"My sisters and I are starting a new life in Bidi Bidi after leaving war in South Sudan. We arrived with nothing and have suffered greatly, but we refuse to be idle. We will not be victims of our past. With our hands, we are building a future for ourselves.

This Kiden Star is lighting our journey down a new path. May this star also bring hope and peace to your home. Every star is handmade by a woman in our group and takes one week to make. It is as unique as the woman who made it for you. Thank you for supporting us, the women of Bidi Bidi." 

  • MEASUREMENTS: 18 L x 18 W x 18 cm H / 7 x 7 x 7"
  • MATERIALS: Assorted upcycled materials
  • COLOUR: Mixed Prints
  • ORIGIN: Uganda
  • Please note, Kiden Stars will vary in colour and print since each piece is unique.

Meet the Artisan


Mary Kiden

In the world’s largest refugee resettlement area of Bidi Bidi, Uganda, the women of South Sudan – refugees from their homeland who have lost everything – gather to create these Kiden Stars of Hope.

Like many villages in Bidi Bidi, Mary’s is composed primarily of women and children who have suffered unimaginable amounts of trauma. Mary began creating her designs as a way to bring the women together, getting them out of their homes and helping them move past their pain. 100% of the net proceeds from each star will help Mary and her team continue to run a small workshop to expand their handicraft initiative as a means of improving their lives.