Chamulas Animals | Elephant

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Color: Dark Slate
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These colourful and creative Mexican folk-art animals are the perfect gift for any age.


Hand-crafted in Mexico's central Chiapas highlands, these diverse and delightful folk-art animals are created using a technique known as back loom. The humble backstrap loom is considered primitive yet has produced some of history's most stunning textiles.

The indigenous Mayan weavers of this small community learned their craft from generations of ancestral knowledge. The women originally used the leftovers from woven textiles to craft these stuffed animals as toys for their own children. But with the support of a larger collective of artisans from the textile-rich state of Chiapas, they found an international market for these charming folk-art objects. 

Made from 100% wool, these playful plush pieces are said to capture the soul of their maker. We think they capture that, and so much more.   

  • MEASUREMENTS: 23 L x 9 W x 23 cm H / 9 x 3.5 x 9"
  • MATERIALS: 100% Wool
  • COLOUR: Assorted patterns
  • ORIGIN: Handcrafted in Mexico
Product Care

Wash with cold water, or spot clean with a gentle detergent. Air dry. 

Meet the Artisan



Artisan Rosita Perez co-created these charming folk-art animals in Mexico’s central Chiapas Highlands, an area known as the "Endless Land". She uses a technique known as the back loom. The humble backstrap is considered primitive, yet has produced some of history’s most stunning textiles. An indigenous Mayan process, backstrap looming has been a tried and true textile process for thousands of years.

Made from 100% wool using this ancient Mayan technique, premium weaving is evident in every thread.  These playful plush pieces are said to capture the soul of their maker. We think they’ll capture yours, too.