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Takeshi Tsujino

Takeshi Tsujino apprenticed his glass blowing skills at Seattle's renowned Pilchuk Studio and then spent 10 years on the West Coast before returning to Japan to set up his own studio, Studio Fresco, just outside of Osaka.

Takeshi creates glass products that are both purpose-driven and artful – a difficult balance to achieve. He creates these designs to encourage new relationships between the user and their environment, with the belief that each item will become an extension of the user’s own expression.
Entirely hand blown, these special glass pieces are small batch, limited edition. Coloured using natural mineral pigment, each piece in the collection is truly unique, and the glass carries an impressive depth of character. The smooth forms of the glass give life to the pieces. They are also meant to be used. Tasheki’s motto: High quality pieces have no meaning if people don’t use them.