Augustus Vase

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Color: Black
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The Augustus Vase from Cyrc is a unique and sustainable addition for your home decor.


These unique modern vases are both riveting in design and astonishing in composition. The elegant, timeless vases have been 3-D printed from plastic that was diverted from waste sites. As a bonus, once you have no more use for this piece, the creators will collect it for free and recycle it into something for someone else to love. This is a true example of circular product life – from start to finish, it is a socially responsible vase.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 17 W x 19 D x 30 cm H / 6.5 x 7.5 x 12" H
  • MATERIALS: Recycled Matte PLA
  • ORIGIN: Canada
 Product Care

Wipe clean and wash with cool water and mild soap. Not dishwasher safe. Do not keep exposed to direct sunlight.

Meet the Artisan

Montréal, Canada

Cyrc Design

Founded in Montreal, Canada, Cyrc is a design duo that are truly reimagining the notion of circular design. Their collection of 3-D printed vases are created from plastic that was diverted from waste sites. With the belief that responsible consumers should consider the entire life cycle of a product, Cyrc have even implemented a recycling system for their old vases – from start to finish, they create socially responsible, climate-positive, zero-waste homewares.

Society has extracted a lot of oil to make durable plastic items, and it’s inexcusable to let this plastic go to landfills. The plastic that we don't recycle ends up in our environment and our food chain, wreaking havoc. These vases are eco-friendly, usable products that can be 100% recycled and upcycled – again and again. Now that sounds like the definition of sustainability.