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Chemin De La Mer Runner

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These table linens are works of art - trompe-l’oeil embroideries of still life - and great conversation starters.

Color: Navy

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Sarah Espeute is a French artist-designer. Her pieces are embroidered works of art, handmade in France.

In her studio in Marseille, located in the south of France, each piece tells a story - the story of spring, the story of the sea, the story of a shared meal.

Her pieces embrace two different methods: traditional handmade embroidery that is crafted in Marseille, and Cornely embroidery, created on an old manual 19th century machine in Paris. Both are traditional French embroidery techniques that have been passed down through generations.

When trompe-d’oleil meets the modern dinner party, these handmade textile pieces will be the talk of the table.


  • MEASUREMENTS: 250 x 40 cm 
  • MATERIALS: Linen-Cotton Blend
  • COLOUR: Natural with Navy Blue Cotton embroidery
  • ORIGIN: Hand embroidered in France
Product Care

Wash on warm or cold, air dry only. Iron with steam on slightly damp fabric. For crisper consistency, dry clean.



Sarah Espeute

Sarah Espeute is a French artist-designer with a studio in Marseille.

She uses two types of embroidery for her creations: traditional handmade embroidery in Marseille and Cornely embroidery on an old manual 19th century machine, in Paris. These traditional French embroidery techniques have been handed down through families for multiple generations.

Every piece is handcrafted in France and they are made exclusively of upcycled fabrics, high quality French linen and cotton fabric. They are sustainably sourced, ethically produced and aesthetically pleasing – which makes them a perfect choice for the conscious consumer.