Compromising comfort for the greater good is so last century. More than ever before, consumers are hungry for beautiful goods that are both high-quality and healthier (for us and the planet). Just as impressive, some tuned-in companies are actually listening to those demands for transparency when it comes to ingredients, processes and practices.

Natural and sustainable options are no longer optional for many of us. Thankfully, retailers are demonstrating that environmentally sound products are often more efficient and luxurious than their conventional, convenient counterparts.

Conscious consumption is more than just a buzzy term—it’s a real philosophy. Moving the needle forward in a meaningful way requires a focus on every touchpoint of a company, from the overall environmental impact to the quality of life for those who actually create their products. 

Sustainability, transparency, and cultural respect are essential components if you want your closet and home to have a truly clean conscience. Throw-away culture can be avoided by focusing on quality and craftsmanship, which are more likely to be found in an artisan’s workshop or local collective, rather than a big-box retailer. 

When you buy something that’s created with slow design and sustainable values, it connects you to the artist behind the product, providing you with a quality purchase that comes with a real story. There’s something truly special about knowing who made your product, and respecting the time, safety, energy and talent takes on more significant meaning when there’s a human face behind our purchases.

Buying ethically will usually cost more because it reflects the true value of your purchase. It’s a small investment to ensure sustainable and responsibly-sourced materials, as well as fair compensation that actually respects the people making these products.

Ethically sourced goods that are authentically crafted also preserve ancient techniques, (weaving, metalwork and pottery are just a few examples). Obakki’s ethical homewares do more than decorate a room—by investing in well-made items from independent artisans, you’re supporting the makers and their traditional methods that have been passed down through generations.

We believe luxury is being redefined as not only high quality but also high standards for sustainability, ecology and social responsibility. The result? Products that are thoughtful, stylish and, most beautiful of all, made with integrity. 

At Obakki, we embrace the idea of slow design because it’s in our DNA, and we’re so happy you’ve joined us on our journey to a more sustainable way of life. 

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