4.5" Oaxacan Rustic Bowl

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This bowl is made from rich Oaxacan clay and fired by hand, using generations of experience and tradition.


Francisco creates these pieces using techniques that have been handed down for generations. But he takes it one step further. He adds unusual natural elements to his work, items he grows by hand. The sap and leaves of organic copal and tobacco help create his smoky black colour. Other hues from cream to orange and aqua are created using natural elements he sources from a local mine.

And this is the magic of Oaxaca. Rooted in history, each artist has a specific source of mud and sand – and elements – that are used to bring a unique style to their finished pieces.

Francisco has perfected his craft, creating classic and elegant handmade clay objects that combine the wisdom of tradition with the power of innovation.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 10 - 12.5 cm / 4 - 5" Diameter
  • NOTICE: These Bowls may vary significantly in colour and size between pieces 
  • MATERIALS: 100% Oaxacan Clay
  • ORIGIN: Mexico
  • Please note that the natural clay used varies in colour (from tan to black)
 Product Care

While these items are dishwasher safe on a gentle cycle, we recommend hand washing and allowing to air dry. Please ensure pieces are thoroughly dried before storing.

Meet the Artisan

Oaxaca, Mexico


Francisco learned the magic of Oaxacan mud when he was just a child and works with skills that have been handed down for generations. Returning to his hometown in Oaxaca after a decade away, he followed the path of his ancestors and began creating pottery using the techniques and methods he inherited.

But Francisco adds a twist by introducing unusual natural elements to his work, taking it to the next level. The sap and leaves of organic copal and tobacco, which he grows by hand, are added to the clay to achieve some of his signature colours.

Kilns dotted along the property provide the ability to fire his work on the land he lives on and works on. His open-air studio is his house, where he lives with his family. He uses natural elements from his land, along with natural elements sourced from a local mine, to create a range of earthy colours from cream to green and his signature smoky black.

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