Branch Candelabra I

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Isac Kaid's branch candelabras are works of art with crafted branches and hand-forged brass candle spikes.


Isac Kaid's hand-sculpted candelabra with 20 branches and 17 hand-forged brass candle spikes will take your breath away.

Having grown up on the Canadian Prairies, the solitude of nature strongly influences Isac's magnificent work. This emerging and intrepid young Canadian artist and designer has been creating a stir since he started exhibiting internationally in 2019.

This striking piece of art will be an incredible conversation piece for the middle of your dinner table, coffee table, or shelf.

Limited availability.

  • 74 cm / 29" L
  • 53 cm / 21" W
  • 30.5 cm / 8.5" H
  • MATERIALS: internal steel frame, hand forged brass candle spikes, gypsum, powdered stone
  • COLOURS: bone or black
  • ORIGIN: Canada
  • Candles sold separately 
  • These are wholly individual art pieces and may vary significantly in appearance / number of branches and candle holders
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Product Care

This piece does have some flexibility but should not be dropped or impacted

Treat with care—extinguish candles before flame reaches sculpture

Meet the Artisan

Vancouver, Canada

Isac Kaid

Isac Kaid grew up on the Canadian Prairies, surrounded by the solitary natural world. He considers the relationship he developed with nature to be a grounding source of inspiration. Prior to establishing his career as an artist, he worked as an Architectural Designer, consulting with commercial developers and private residential clients. His artwork is exhibited and published internationally.

Isac Kaid creates high-design pieces that serve a purpose. But they are also clear examples of the classic Objet d’art. His visuals, his textures, and his balance all combine seamlessly to introduce emotions that are rarely awakened by day-to-day objects such as this candelabra.