3.5 oz Woven Glasses | Set of 4

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Color: Clear / Black Palm
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These small hand-blown glass sipping cups, encased in handwoven palm sleeves, are perfect for Al Fresco entertaining.


Perfect for entertaining, these small sipping cups will add interest to any table setting.

Our design collective from the Sierra de Guerrero region of Mexico was created out of a mission to help generate livelihood initiatives for artisans in the region. They seek to dignify and promote the ancient craft traditions of this rural area by mobilizing artisans from over 80 families and providing them with the ability to reach outside markets. The sale of these special products supports development and employment opportunities for these vital indigenous communities. 

  • INCLUDES: 4 Glasses
  • MEASUREMENTS: 6.5 Diameter x 9.5 cm Depth / 2.5 x 3.75"
  • VOLUME: 100ml
  • MATERIALS: Recycled Glass + Natural Palm
  • COLOUR: Clear + Palm
  • ORIGIN: Mexico
Product Care

Glass is dishwasher safe, but avoid getting the palm sleeve fully wet.

Meet the Artisan


The Artisans of Sierra de Guerrero

These products from Sierra de Guerrero have been woven by hands that learned the craft of sustainable weaving on the knees of their mothers and grandmothers. Palm weaving techniques in the region date to before the pre-Hispanic period and have not changed substantially, thanks to the passing of the traditions from one generation to the next.

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