Japanese Mudcloth Pillow Cover | Dark Indigo

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Rich earth tones are highlighted with these organic cotton throw pillows; dyed using natural plant pigments.


A great solid foundation for all of your styling needs, these 100% natural pillows add the perfect finish touch to any couch, accent chair, or bed. 

The Kanai Kougei Workshop has mastered the ancient art of mud-dyeing using natural plant pigments. The dark navy colour is achieved by dying the fabric with leaves from the indigo plant. The process is repeated up to five times and then a mineral-rich mud is added to the indigo-dyed fabric to provide the final dark navy hue.

Handcrafted by a group of master dyers on Amami Ōshima, the largest of southern Japan's Satsunan islands, each pillow is made start-to-finish in a small, fair trade environment.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 45.5 L x 45.5 cm W / 18 x 18"
  • MATERIALS: Pillow cover made from 100% organic cotton with natural plant-based dyes
  • COLOUR: Dark Indigo
  • ORIGIN: Fabric hand-dyed in Japan; pillow cover handcrafted in Canada
  • Cover Only - Pillow Inserts Not included
Product Care

Machine washable, or spot clean with a gentle detergent.

Meet the Artisan


Kanai Kougei Studio

In a land renowned for its craft culture, the Kanai Kougei studio has been perfecting the ancient art of mud dyeing which has existed for over 1,300 years. There are only a handful of skilled artisans who still practice Kanai Kougei’s distinctive vegetable and mud-dyeing process.

Textiles are dunked in a mud pit, where the iron-rich soil creates a unique colour that can only be produced in Amami. The combinations of mud-dyed grey and vegetable-dyed colors including indigo give textiles an expressive depth. The dedication to tradition and passion of these artisans is inspiring people around the world to rediscover these ancient techniques.