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Jalisco, Mexico

The Ceramicists from Jalisco

Our ceramicist partners from Jalisco, Mexico, form a collective of four master artisans working together in a fair-trade studio – inspired by the rich history of ceramics in and around Guadalajara. The crafting of ceramics in the area extends far back into the pre-Hispanic era and today their work is known internationally for the simple and elegant designs that unite the rural and indigenous world with a sense of urban modernity.

They are dedicated to bringing the beauty of raw nature into their work. You can trace the elements of the nature of Mexico in your refined piece – from the sandy beaches to the semi-arid, vast desert plateaus.

And they are a perfect team. Ana, inspired by her love of clay, was driven to create – and manage – the collaboration. Gustavo mixes the clay, then Moy throws it, and Concha does the finishing and adds important details. Each piece that leaves this studio follows this path. You know exactly who made your piece and where it came from.