Facial Oil 100% Balanites

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Rich in naturally occurring antioxidants and antimicrobials, this highly absorbent multitasking regenerative treatment diminishes signs of aging, dullness, dryness, acne and scarring.


Fewer Ingredients, Greater Benefits. 100% Plant-based Skincare.

Obakki Skincare is simple. Created with hand-cultivated and wild-harvested ingredients—this is pure, plant-based science. Free from harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances, and animal products, we’ve crafted this collection with purity in mind. 

This highly coveted “liquid gold" is extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the Desert Date, a hearty tree indigenous to Africa, and is prized for many therapeutic uses. 

Imbued with a subtle, nutty fragrance, Balanites Oil is truly the hardest working serum in Mother Nature’s arsenal. The high concentration of antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids (omega-6 and omega-9) in Balanites Oil makes it a feast for the skin––endowing it with rich moisturizing properties and a luxurious texture. 

Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties makes this precious oil beneficial for reducing minor skin irritations, as it penetrates the skin easily without clogging pores or aggravating the skin condition. Perfect for dry, rough, aging, sensitive, or irritated skin, Balanites Oil has rich, healing properties that are scientifically proven. 

Balanites truly is a single ingredient that yields powerful results for your skin. 

In celebration of the planet and its raw ingredients, all of our packaging is a 100% compostable millboard, a by-product of paper production, making use of a material that would otherwise become waste.

  • ORIGIN: Sourced in Africa, made in Canada

"A single ingredient with maximum results Ingredients: Balanites Roxburghii (Balanites) Seed Oil°"

Instructions For Use

Instructions for a simple ritual: Warm 3 to 4 drops of oil in your hands and massage into damp face and neck. Add to your favourite moisturizer to lock in hydration. For external use.

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  • Due to the nature of these products, all skincare is final sale.

Meet the Artisan

Handmade in Canada

Purpose-Driven Skincare

Our vision was to create an inclusive skincare line that is truly natural and good for our skin, has the least amount of environmental impact, and is contributing to a positive social impact. 

Obakki’s skincare line features the purest possible raw ingredients, sourced from women-led cooperatives we partner with in Africa. By offering training in income-generating skills, such as shea butter processing and natural oil extraction, we’re investing in the transformation of entire communities.

Through these partnerships, we ensure sustainability, integrity, and respect while helping to preserve, promote and protect local economies and the surrounding environment.