Iron Candle Stand | Small

$50.00 CAD
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A solid iron candle stand designed to be paired with our selection of Japanese Sumac wax candles.

These simple yet charming pieces have been handmade by artisans, and each one features a slightly different shape.


Japanese candle wicks are hollow - made from Washi paper, rush weeds and silk fibres. This technique creates a larger, yet softer, flame than traditional western-made candles. Almost feather-like in its gentleness, the flame is the candle for these Japanese craftsmen. The flame creates the ambience - and an emotion that is not possible with electric light. 

A spiked candle holder like these is required for a Japanese candle, and these solid iron examples are both stylish and functional. 

  • MEASUREMENTS: 2.5 L x 2.5 W x 1.9 cm H / 1 x 1 x 0.75"
  • MATERIALS: 100% Iron
  • ORIGIN: Japan
Product Care

Wipe with a damp cloth as needed. 

Meet the Artisan



Daiyo was established in the Takashima county of Shiga Prefecture in 1914. The artisanship of making traditional Japanese candles has been passed down across four generations, polished and refined as time passes. Daiyo’s candles are handmade from 100% natural plant wax, and the principles of making candles from the blessings of nature have remained unchanged since the company was established more than a century ago. 

Each piece is hand made by the master craftsmen using 100% natural materials. The Japanese candle wick is hollow made of Washi-paper, rush weeds and silk fibres. They burn stably and beautifully with a larger flame than the conventional western candles.