Turkish Linen Bath Set

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Color: Black Stripe
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Our artisans in Turkey who create these incredible textiles are a family who has dedicated themselves to weaving on century-old looms in Anatolia for five generations, to produce sustainable textiles for beach & bath. The pieces are made using certified organic cotton and linen on hand-operated looms. Family members, headed by Ali, work together to create these unique pieces.

They collect the fine cotton & linen fibres, warp the yarns, hand-weave the fabrics and tie the tassels – it's all in the family. This maintains the heritage and ancestral skills that have been handed down for over a century. And preserves the ability to preserve this incredibly valuable tradition through further generations.

"From early childhood, I admired my father and my elder brothers at the weaving loom. Playing with the wheel of the loom was my favourite play as a child. I have devoted myself to this skill since I wove my first piece at the age of 14. Now my children are themselves growing into the craft and learning our family traditions."

- Ali, Head artisan, recognized by UNESCO as a Living Human Treasure.

  • INCLUDES: Turkish Linen Robe and Matching Towel 
  • SIZING: S - 46"/117 cm Length 21.5"/54cm Sleeve, ML - 46"/117 cm Length 21.5"/54 cm Sleeve, XL - 53"/134 cm Length 25"/64 cm Sleeve 
  • MATERIALS: 70% Linen, 30% Cotton
  • COLOUR: Natural, Gray Stripe, or Black Stripe 
  • ORIGIN: Handcrafted in Turkey 
 Product Care

Wash on warm or cold, tumble on low or air dry only.

Linen naturally has a relaxed look, but if you choose to, iron with steam on slightly damp fabric.

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