Beeswax Candle Bowl | Gray

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These hand-poured candle bowls are layered with love and inspiration - and have a charming story to tell.


These candles are made completely by hand from 100% beeswax from Chiapas. And the rich smell of honey and burning wood fire wafts through the small Mexican town where Viviana has her workshop. 

A true artisan, she insists that every layer of these candles are hand-poured for longer burning times. Trained in candle-making since she was old enough to handle wax, she none the less ran from her family legacy and married a weaver at 14 years old.

Years later, absent mindedly plucking the leaves from a rose, she was drawn back to her heritage and ancestral traditions. Her stunning specialty candles are available in an assortment of colours. 

  • MEASUREMENTS: 10 W x 23 cm H / 4 x 9"
  • MATERIALS: 100% Natural Wax
  • ORIGIN: Mexico
 Product Care

It is recommended to cut the black burned wick with a trimmer to adjust the size of the flame.

Do not place flammable materials near or above the candle.
Keep the candle away from direct sunlight and wind.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Meet the Artisan

Oaxaca, Mexico

Casa Viviana

Doña Viviana makes her incredible candles completely by hand from 100% beeswax from Chiapas.  Now in her eighth decade of life, she has come full circle and returned to her family tradition of candle making. Every single candle is hand poured, layer after layer after layer. And it is a labour of love for her. But it was not always so.

Candle-making has been in Viviana’s family in Mexico for 300 years – but she left home to get married instead. Years later, she had an epiphany, and it returned Viviana to the family tradition. Her candles represent hundreds of years of techniques and skills, handed from generation to generation.

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