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This charming vase is modelled on the Cantarito drink from Mexico, always served in a clay cup with a similar wide mouth.


Ana Beatriz follows her ancestral heritage and craft- her mother has dedicated more than three decades to the art of Oaxacan pottery, learning herself from Ana's grandfather. These pieces are born from ancient traditions that have been passed down through generations.

The family's work in clay is fire and water and is described in the indigenous language of Nahuatl as Atlachinolli or ‘burned water' – the art of combining opposites, combining opposing forces, to create beauty. The clay pieces are formed with water and are born of fire. Pieces are created with reverence for not only ancestors and tradition, but the nature of the universe and all things Ying and Yang.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 14 L x 14 W x 13 cm H / 5.5 x 5.5 x 5"
  • MATERIALS: 100% Oaxacan Clay
  • ORIGIN: Mexico
 Product Care

Hand wash in warm water.

Meet the Artisan

Oaxaca, Mexico

Ana Beatriz

Part of our Oaxacan artisan family, Ana Beatriz learned to work in the renowned red clay of Oaxaca as a child, as did her mother and her grandfather and many more before them. Her grandfather created traditional large animals covered in chia for Easter week – and the “chia pet” craze was born from his work.

The view of these artisans is one of “duality”, of Ying & Yang, of man and woman. They gather their clay as a family, and different mines represent different elements of the duality. They take the clay with their own hands from the mine “where the woman is”, a clay which is very flexible and soft. And from another mine, they harvest white clay – representing the man. The materials are then mixed in a perfect union.

The entire process is organic, ethical and transparent. And the sum is far greater than the parts.

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