Mohair Scarf | Black

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A luxurious scarf made from 100% mohair, created by our sustainably-minded artisans in South Africa.


These luxurious scarves are part of a circular upcycle program that supports old factories in South Africa. Our partners work with iconic mohair factories in need of support and together create new concepts around locally produced, sustainable mohair products.

Made from end of the run mohair yarn stock, this collection is made up of small, limited edition colourways.

Mohair, the fleece of an Angora goat, is one of the world's most ancient, exclusive and sustainable natural fibres, and our artisan partners treat the animals with care and respect––they’ve been vetted and have the highest ethical standards possible. And that matters to us.

      • MEASUREMENTS: 240 L x 36 cm W / 94.5 x 15"
      • MATERIALS: 100% mohair
      • ORIGIN: South Africa


 Product Care
  • Hand wash in cold water and dry flat.

Meet the Artisan

South Africa

Frances V.H.

On a farm that has been in the same family for generations, our partner Frances V.H. manages a group of artisans who hand-weave mohair rugs using a technique passed down through the generations. The South African region of Karoo has been known for mohair production for centuries. And with a completely local supply chain, this weaving collective provides employment for skilled artisans in rural South Africa while championing a sustainable economy.

"We created a platform for women in rural communities to have their products exposed to an appreciative market that ultimately drives sales, secures income and reaffirms the value of indigenous knowledge transferal to the next generation." - Frances