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Triangle Horn Studs


These sophisticated triangle horn stud earrings are created from upcycled brass and cow horn. They are available in 18K gold or silver plating.

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This collection of jewelry is all created from cast-off objects. Pieces of cow horn that no one wants. Random brass pieces, found on the streets of Nairobi. Items that would otherwise sit in landfills for thousands of years. Our amazing artisan partners take this discarded material and turn it into sophisticated, sustainable jewelry.

Imagine. Something so beautiful created from something forgotten and discarded. Something so authentic created from almost nothing. Something so enormous created from pieces so small. Big things come in small packages at Obakki.  

  • MEASUREMENTS: 1.5cm x 1.5cm
  • MATERIALS: 100% Upcycled Brass, Silver Plating, 18K Gold Plating and Cow Horn
  • COLOUR: Silver/Natural, Gold/Natural
  • ORIGIN: Kenya
Product Notes

Each item is unique. Because the horn portions are natural materials, there mayb be slight variations in colour and patterning from piece to piece.

Jewelry may oxidize and tarnish over time from exposure to the light, moisture, friction and natural body oils. Remove jewelry when showering, doing the dishes and working out. Wipe your piece with a jewelry polishing cloth to remove oils before storing it in a cool, dry area. 



Our Artisan Partners From Kibera

My main ambition for joining this collective was to see my life transformed in a better way. I am proud to be part of this group of talented artisans, and since working with them I have achieved a lot, including paying school fees for my children”. –Harrison

Kibera, located in Nairobi, Kenya, is known as a creative hub. It's also one of the world's most impoverished communities.

Despite crushing hardships, Kibera has a thriving community of artists, dancers, craftsmen, and thousands of other talented residents. And this is where we met Jack and his group of artisans.

Discarded brass items and cow horn (a by-product of the food industry), usually end up in the trash—but our artisan partners in Kenya are turning these raw materials into beautiful jewelry. Under Jack's creative direction, the artists create beautiful pieces from the scraps found outside the tiny shack where they work. Reclaimed items. Items that are going to waste.

Recovered. Reimagined. Repurposed.