Turkish Hand Towel | Black Stripe

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These towels are made from a luxurious and fast-drying organic cotton and linen blend. They are handwoven on century-old looms and made to last a lifetime.


Turkey suffered its strongest earthquake since 1939 in Feb 2023. The devastation is not over, and the people still suffer from a lack of food, water, and housing. ALL profits from the sale of Obakki’s Turkish products are being returned to our artisan community to help them rebuild. In addition, our foundation can receive direct donations here: Earthquake Relief

Our hand towels are handwoven on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey by local artisans who remain faithful to their artisanal skills – skills they inherited through the teachings of ancestral tradition. Combining contemporary design inspired by Mediterranean and African cultures, these artisans engage in ethical production using sustainable materials to support local economies. This is a product that not only looks good, but it feels good – in more ways than one.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 118 L x 51 cm W / 46.5 L x 21" W
  • MATERIALS: 70% Linen, 30% Cotton
  • COLOURS: Black Stripe
  • ORIGIN: Handcrafted in Turkey
 Product Care

Wash on warm or cold, tumble dry on low.

Linen naturally has a relaxed look, but if you choose to, iron with steam on slightly damp fabric. 

Meet the Artisan


Our artisans in Turkey have dedicated themselves to weaving on century-old looms in Anatolia for five generations, to produce sustainable textiles for beach & bath. The pieces are made using certified organic cotton and linen on hand-operated looms. Family members, headed by Ali, work together to create these unique pieces.

They collect the fine cotton & linen fibres, warp the yarns, hand-weave the fabrics and tie the tassels – it’s all in the family. This maintains the heritage and ancestral skills that have been handed down for over a century. And preserves the ability to preserve this incredibly valuable tradition through future generations.